Sunday, January 2, 2011

Using Binders to Organize

Some people are binder people and some aren't.  I am definitely a binder person.  I think my love affair with using three ring binders to organize myself began back in the early 90's when I started to organize all my teaching units in three ring binders.  Old school teachers were using manila file folders, but not me.  I instead chose to use a three ring binder for my school units.  I couldn't even begin to count how many binders I have assembled/organized over the past two decades, but I assure you the number is great.

I am a bit anal when it comes to binder organization.  You see I need everything in a sheet protector.  Forget about three hole punching something and putting it right into the binder.  Who wants the three punched holes showing up on copies?  Not me to be sure.

Now everyone is not as crazy does not have to be as anal as me when it comes to binder organization.  Remember the key is to do what works FOR YOU.  I personally love to buy the four pack at Sam's Club.  I already took the packaging off them so I am not sure the brand name, but if you shop at Sam's you will know what I am posting about. You get four one inch binders in green, blue, pink, and white.  I don't remember the cost, but I think the pack is under $10.  Of course any old binder will do, I just love the cute colors!  I also always buy my sheet protectors from Sam's.  I get the Samsill Non-Glare 200 count heavy weight sheet protectors.

I also purchased the Avery Big Tab Extra Wide Insertable Dividers (you can get 5 or 8 tabs, I always go for 8).  I bought these at Office Max and was shocked that they cost $2.59 a set.  I am not that big of a fan of Office Max, but there is one in my city so it was convenient to stop there the other day.

I have plans to set up several different binders to help me get organized in 2011:
*Gift Cards

(I already have a binder for each of the boys to put important school related items, but I need to do a better job of using them, it would save lots of time looking for where important papers were placed).

I am starting to work on my Household binder first.  I have two excellent resources for setting up a household binder the first link will explain the general concept,  Organized Home's household notebook of setting up a household notebook.  Printable pages you can use for your own notebook.  I love that website and have used it for years.  Another suggestion is Flylady's Control Journal.  I know people seem to either love or hate Flylady.  There are some valuable resources on her website to help you organize your life.

I suggest you spend some time perusing the links I have shared and decide what works for you and get started on your own household notebook (which I call binder).  I spent some time this morning printing out things from all the links I shared and now will be putting together a hybrid of the two.  I will definitely share my finished product and how I ended up setting it up.  I will also share the other binders I have mentioned above as they get finished.

Please share with me if you do make any binders for yourself.  I would love to see the finished products!


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  2. LOL about the page protectors. I totally get you on that one.

    I need to get organized so badly. I can't wait to pick up some tips from you.

    I love binders but once something goes in it stays and stays and stays. I need to figure out a good system for when/how to clear out my binders.

    Have a wonderful new year!

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  5. I have binders for each of the boys, however I need to redo my household binder. I am planning on visiting the office supply store and Costco this weekend, so I will pick up page protectors and binders. I also want to make a binder for the boys that hold the certificates that they earn in school.