Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Week One Goal Review

This is a list of my 2011 goals and I thought I would check in with all of you after the first week.  I have been very busy with being back into school this week.  I also went to the chiropractor three times this week (about 25 min from my home) so that took up a lot of my after school time.

I am laughing because looking at my goal achievement it would appear that beauty is my most important category.  LOL  Honestly yesterday it was after 4 PM and I had sat through two Rec BB games and Greg was starting to get dinner together and I DRAGGED myself to the nail salon (believe me it was COLD last night and I would have preferred to stay all nice and snug by the warm and cozy fire.  I ended up getting a VERY long overdue pedicure and brow wax.  It was so very necessary and I came home to a delicious home cooked dinner of cedar planked salmon, grilled potatoes, grilled romaine salad (if you have never grilled romaine you absolutely must, it is the bomb!), and garlic olive oil haricot verts. Not a bad menu for being on a detox, don't you think?!

As far as finances go we have been keeping all our receipts and really have only spent money on groceries, gasoline, hot lunch for Drew, and preschool for Cooper.  We have to pay off our monthly balances on all our CCs so that is why we are really watching spending this month.  It helps that I am doing the detox so we are buying nothing processed at the grocery store, but the fruits and veggies are not cheap this time of year.  We loaded up on some things at Sam's club.  Our Sam's bill was much less than normal because we only bought essentials.

We did our first family game night ever last night and it was a raging success.  We played Busytown (Cooper's choice) and then Guesstures.  The boys love Guesstures and it was lots of fun.  They asked if we could do game night again tonight.  :)

I do need to get on track with my Project 365.  I want to remember the ordinary things in life, because they are soon forgotten, but so extraordinary when I look back on them as the boys get older.

Here are the goals and the check mark means I did that this week.
1) Spiritual:
*Attend church regularly  
*Visit at least THREE other Presbyterian churches to see if we can find one we like that is closer to us
*Say prayers before bed 

2)  Financial:  
*Follow Dave Ramsey Steps
*Make a monthly spending plan and track ALL expenses  
*Use envelope system for certain spending categories
*Boys commission (chore charts)
*Monthly budget meeting

3)  Fitness/Health:  
*Do a month long detox (starting next week under the advisement of a nutritionist) 
*Chiropractor appts 
*Exercise 90 min per week
*Healthy eating 

4)  Beauty:  
*Morning/Evening routine 
*Manicures/Pedicures monthly  √  (Pedi)
*Schedule brow wax every 6 weeks 
*Keep nails polished 

5)  Home:  
*Make home binders
*Keep house clean (daily tasks) 
*Keep better laundry schedule
*Organize office and closets
*Make a list of decorating/painting needs and set a schedule

6)  Career:
*Organize Module Binders
*Continue on BCT 

7)  Family:
*Weekly date night with Greg 
*Family game night 3x/month (each boy decides plan for night) 
*Greg and Sherrie overnight getaway 2x/year
*Family vacation
*Plan  thoughtful holiday/birthday celebrations

8)  Personal:  
*Blog regularly here at Organizing Diva and my family blog  My Life With Boys
*Plan dinners out with GFs and Mom
*GNO monthly
*Dinner w/ friends

9)  Hobbies:
*Project 365
*Scrapbooking-plan one night per month to scrap
*Take a class at the Scrapbook Store
*Organize scrap supplies and set up an area for scrapping
*Make 10 layouts for each boy for 2011

10)  Menu planning:  
*Monthly menu plan
*Weekly menus 
*Grocery lists 
*Inventory freezer
*Inventory pantry
*Clip coupons

I am really happy with my goal achievement for the first week of 2011.  How did you all do on your goals?


  1. I am feeling pretty good about how mind are coming... Need to work on the Meal Planning goal though!

  2. Wow- great list! I love the details! I am starting to get better at couponing too. But need to find a church I like.

  3. You are doing so well!! I'm afraid to list my goals! I love yours. Have you ever tried a PCA Presbyterian church? I don' tknow if there is one in your area or not. Show us your nails!

  4. 2/2/2011
    Wednesday Evening
    Hoping for more snow !

    Dear Sherrie:
    I absolutely love your GOALS & blog page!
    I just 'happened upon it' while trying to G.O.!(Get Organized) for 2011 & surfing the net for GOALS 2011 - on January 1st!
    What a find! What caught my eye 1st was the BEAUTIFUL design of your page & 2nd: the fact that you had 'spiritual goals' at the top of your list! [that tops my list, too]
    Needless to say~I have not finished my 2011-GOALS so I have 'tuned in' again to get more inspiration from your "B~B"[baeutiful blog]
    I LOVE the idea of BINDERS for organizing my 'stuff'. - folders have not worked for me & I did have binders @ the house so I am implimenting them into a colour-co-ordinated order . . . BUT I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT!
    Let's "G.O." - I need to now go & tackle my mountain-pile-of-papers. [speaking of "tackle" is anyone rooting for Pittsburgh?]