Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning for a road trip

We have an upcoming road trip planned to FL and I am starting the process of organizing for the trip.  We will stay at a hotel for one night on our way to visit my ILS.

Things to do before you pack:
~Make sure all laundry is clean and put away (this makes packing so much easier!) (√)
~Make sure the house is clean (no one wants to return to a messy house) (√)
~Make a shopping list for food/travel items/toiletries (√)
~Notify post office to have mail held (√)
~Cancel the paper while you are gone (√)
~Plan route on GPS or map (√)
~Get van serviced and fill tank with gas the night before you leave
~Make sure all bills are paid or set for auto pay while you are gone
~Download songs/shows to iPods
~Haircuts for boys (√)
~Get cash from ATM

Make a list of things you need to pack:
~We always pack our own pillows when we travel
~Each family member gets a list of things to pack (if your children are old enough have them make a list of the games/toys/books they want to make sure to bring)
~Each of our boys has a square carrier to keep their travel items organized in the van
~Food/snacks to pack
~Medications and first aid kit
~Pack one bag per person and then have one bag for all toiletries
~If you will be stopping at a hotel for the night pack one bag with jammies/clothes for the next day so you don't have to unpack every bag

Things to do before you leave:
~Change sheets the night before you leave so you come home to clean beds  (√)
~Make sure your house is clean.  It is so nice to come home to a sparkling clean house  :)
~Clean out the fridge before you go and throw out anything that will not be good when you return (√)
~Water plants or set them up in a water bath before you go
~Notify neighbors that are keeping an eye on your house (√)
~Set the furnace where you want it


  1. There is so much work to be done when you go on a trip...especially with kids! I always leave the house as clean as possible and always is just a thing. Great tips. thanks for the list!

  2. This is so for me, I always have major to-do lists before going on a trip! I love to-do lists!

  3. We pretty much just hit all the chain places in Port St. Lucie...Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and some bistros in St. Lucie West and Tradition. As we've only lived here about a year, I'm not the one to ask about restaurants in Jenson Beach or Stuart. Whenever we dine out for special occasions, we drive to Palm Beach Country {not that we have that many occasions:)}