Monday, March 1, 2010

Master To Do List for March

1) Spiritual
   ~Lenten Devotionals with boys
   ~Attend church every Sunday (√) (√) (√)
2) Financial
   ~March budget plan
   ~Track all expenses
   ~Pay healthcare deductibles
   ~File papers
   ~Set up accounts on
   ~Make furniture payment
   ~$1000 emergency fund build up (in progress)
   ~Turn in school receipts for reimbursement
   ~File taxes (√)
3) Fitness/Health

   ~Exercise minimum of 4x weekly for 20 min
   ~Track EVERYTHING for WW (√)
   ~Follow good health guidelines (√)
   ~Take multivitamin daily (√)
   ~Start 30 day shred
4) Family/Marriage

   ~Attend Living Compass class at church (√)(√)(√)
   ~Plan Spring Break (in progress)
   ~Purchase bday gifts/cards for Greg and Dad (√)
   ~Friday night date night- dinner at Bacchus
   ~Make reservations at Bacchus for Greg's bday dinner (√)
   ~Celebrate Greg's bday with family (√)
   ~Celebrate Mom and Dad's bdays (√)
   ~RW Spring carnival (√)
   ~Start boys on chore charts (or chore jar) (move to April)
   ~Family game night
5) Home

   ~ Put up Easter decor (in progress)
   ~Select paint colors (move to April)
   ~Organize home office (in progress)
   ~Organize bookshelf in den (move to April)
   ~Organize bedroom closets (4) (in progress)
   ~Organize master bedroom (in progress)
   ~Organize pantry (in progress)
   ~Organize linen closet (in progress)
   ~Organize coat closet on main level (move to April)
   ~40 day trash bag declutter for lent (in progress)
   ~Purchase new living room couch (move to April)
6) Beauty

   ~Schedule facial
   ~Mani/Pedi/Brow wax
   ~Purchase skin care items
   ~Purchase hair care items (√)
   ~Purchase new nail polish colors (√)
7) Menu Planning/Meals

   ~Weekly menu planning (√)
   ~Try out five new recipes (√)
   ~Make two new dessert recipes (move to April)
   ~St Patty's Day dinner (√)
8) Laundry/Clothing

   ~Wash all new clothes purchased (in progress)
   ~Purchase clothes for FL trip (√)
   ~Purchase sandals for FL trip
   ~Organize closets (master closet-in progress)
   ~Dry clean clothes-coats/sweaters (move to April)
   ~Repair clothing items (move to April)
   ~Replace lining on black wool coat (move to April)
9) Career

   ~Finish up Middle School Review Committee work (√)
   ~Organize binders
   ~Organize shelves behind desk

   ~Scrapbook  (move to April)
   ~Read one book for pleasure  (move to April)
   ~March GNO (√)
   ~Mail Ben's thank you notes
   ~Mail Favorite Things Swap package (√)
   ~Plan get together with Gs  (move to April)


  1. It sounds like you are going to have a busy month!!!

  2. I suddenly got very tired!
    I need your energy!

  3. Wow... I guess if you write it down it helps to get it done.

  4. i was noticing the other posts and realized that your
    list was making me tired, too.

    doesn't it do that to you?

    you're an amazing young woman, that's for sure!

  5. You are tres organized girl! I have good intentions, but my list is very messy a lot of things on my list never get done!