Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Florida bound

I have been a busy busy girl for the past week getting ready for our trip to FL.  I have all three boys packed.  YAY!  Tonight I went through my clothes and put together five outfits and about 20 pairs of sandals.  I have a section of my closet devoted to possible clothes to bring on our trip and I need to keep whittling down what to bring.  I have my to do lists so I make sure nothing is forgotten.

I had a meeting after school today and decided to do some baking for our trip when I got home.  I had made the dough for some chocolate chip M&M cookies yesterday and baked them today.
I also made some Special K bars with some decorative sprinkles.

And also some rice krispy treats.  Everything looks better with sprinkles.  :)

I have all three boys packed up.  Holla!  I haven't had time to post any organization tips lately, because I have been focusing on getting packed up and organizing the house.


  1. Hope your Florida trip is enjoyable! I want to thank you for remembering my friend Jan in your prayers. Prayer is powerful thing and we are obviously very concerned for her.

  2. Mmmm everything looks so yummy! :)