Tuesday, January 5, 2010

School End of Day Routine

If I accomplish the following list of things before I leave school for the day, I am assured of starting off the following day of work stress-free.  It also means if I have a last minute sick day (as happens with three young boys) I am completely prepared for a sub taking over my classroom.

I started following a list like this a few years ago and then really implemented it as a sort of check-out list when I had a student teacher.  It was helpful for her to know what the expectations were of her prior to leaving school for the day.  She worked very hard to always have things set up for the next day (in case she would not be there I would have to take over and I did not want to be left in a lurch).  Obviously the list just stuck to school related responsibilities for her.

I strongly urge you to make some sort of list like this whatever your career may be if you work outside the home.  Coming to work in the morning knowing you are completely organized and ready for the day is such a liberating feeling!  (In the future I will share the afternoon list I use during summers/vacations when I am a SAHM).

School-End of the Day routine:

Write out assignment board for tomorrow.

Check tomorrow’s day file has needed copies.

Organize desk and straighten top drawer.

Straighten daily files and file today’s papers in binders/file folders.

Start a TO DO list for tomorrow including list of calls/emails to do.

Pack up laptop and cord.

Organize computer table.

Pack up stuff to go home:  coat, lunch bag, computer, and purse.

Check in basket and put correcting/projects in order of priority for the morning.

Turn off lights.
       *Unplug lights under window

Leave desktop in wonderful shape to welcome the morning.
   Tomorrow’s daily file
   Seating chart/class list binder
   Lesson plan book
   Teacher Edition 


  1. I make lists all the time on my blackberry!! I just have to finally complete one of them - LOL!!

    Happy New Year darling,


  2. Totally agree! I love to review my To Do while having morning coffee. xoxo


  3. I am bad, bad, bad at routines these days. I do much better when I have a list. Good reminder.

  4. I try to do certain things every morning and evening to be ready for what is to come, unfortunately something always still comes up!