Sunday, January 3, 2010

The power of the TO DO list

Different personalities attack organization in different manners.  It does not come natural to me, trust me.  Being organized is something I have to work at constantly.  I guess part of it has to do with my perfectionist personality.  Often if I start a project I become obsessed with the minutiae involved and lose sight of the big picture.  Perfectionism leads to procrastination to paralysis.  Don't get bogged down by perfectionism.

I think a great way to accomplish things is with a TO DO list.  When I have a day off I could easily waste away the day watching TV, being on the computer, and reading magazines and never accomplish a thing.  It is important for me to start my day off with a TO DO list, especially on the weekends.  I am a very list oriented person (not everyone is that way so whatever works for you is the method you need to use).  I am constantly writing myself notes on my iPhone.  I love that I have all my notes with me to refer back to when needed.  Also that way if I am waiting around somewhere I can be productive thinking things out and putting together notes on whatever I need.

On weekdays when I am working my TO DO list is a bit different because there is not a lot of time to accomplish extra things (other than the day to day upkeep needed to keep our household running smoothly).  I will be sharing many of my different Master Lists on this blog.  Feel free to share any great tips or ideas you have in the comment section or through email.  Also I would love to have guest posters here if you have an area of expertise.  I think we all excel in different areas of organization (and need help in others).

Here is my TO DO list for today:  I typed it on my iPhone on the ride home from church.
  Boys' outerwear
Now I will most likely not get all these loads done because we have a front load washer/dryer and our washer takes FOREVER, but at least I have the order I want to do loads and I will put one load in before bed tonight and then put it in the dryer tomorrow.  I will put another load in tomorrow before school and then dry it when I get home.
Menu plan/make grocery list/clip coupons (one hour max)
Organize purses
Clean out backpacks
Pack away remaining Christmas decor
Organize master bedroom (one hour)
Declutter office (30 min)
Set up budget/expense tracking


  1. I wouldnt be able to function without a to-do list! They help hubby too because he can see what the plan is and help by tackling something on the list.

  2. i'm obsessed with to do lists!! they make me immediately calmer haha it's nice to meet someone else who does too!

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  4. I also am addicted to To Do lists. I have been since I was younger. I've read that first borns (which I am) are typically list makers. Combine that with my perfectionist personality and you've got a lot on that list. I implement GTD and am a firm believer in getting things out of your brain in order to focus your attention better. At least for me, this works