Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back to school countdown to do list

3 Weeks Before
School registration- pay fees, put $ in lunch account, buy special supplies from the school store (√)
Rent clarinet (√)
Get a family calendar
Put back to school night on calendar (√)
Go through clothing closets and drawers
Purchase school supplies (√)
Create a family binder
Make an organization plan for school papers (one binder per child)

2 Weeks Before
Sam's club run for snacks/breakfast bars
Wash backpacks and lunch boxes (√)
Label all school supplies (√)
Pack up backpack with school supplies (drop off at open house) (√)
Go school shopping for supplies and clothes (√)
Make a plan for bedtime and morning routines
Plan routines and rules for morning, afterschool, and evening
Plan cold lunch menus (√)
Set up a homework area
Put together homework kits
Plan Cooper's birthday party (his bday is Sept 9th and it's so much easier if I have it planned before school starts)

1 Week Before
Make menu plan for the first two weeks
Buy groceries
Make a rotation menu for breakfasts
Start practicing routines
Make schedule for homework and football practice
Get supplies that are missing
Definitely adjust bedtimes and waking times
Wash all clothes
Finish organizing closets

1st Week
Have lunches and outfits planned in advance
Start off with an organized routine
Organize boys' materials
Buy any additional supplies
Put all information on calendar and in appropriate binder
Fill out any additional forms
Stay organized and relaxed!


  1. soooo much to do! Best of luck with it all!

  2. This is a great list! I've been looking for something just like this, so I was so happy to see you had posted one here!! The countdown to school begins!