Friday, February 20, 2009

My washer and dryer

I think one of the most important keys to an organized life is laundry. If you have clean clothes that are put away where they belong, you will always have something to wear when you need it. You won't be desperately searching for the last clean pair of underwear or socks if you keep up with laundry.

I live in a house filled with boys, three little ones and one big one. To say we generate a lot of laundry is quite an understatement. Managing Mt Washmore is really the bane of my existence. Anytime I feel like I have finally won the war against dirty laundry, a new battle emerges.

I know the sensible thing to do would be to do a load or two everyday, instead of having to do five or six loads on the weekend. I just cannot seem to get myself into the daily laundry routine during the school year when I am working. I am much better at keeping up with the laundry when I am home during the summer. Of course I am much better at keeping up with EVERYTHING during the summer when I am not working outside the home, but I digress.

And now without further ado let me introduce you to my washer and dryer. I love the dryer because it is so much quicker than my old dryer, but I do have to say that the washer takes FOREVER.

Model : WM2688HWMA

The LG SteamWasher™ with Allergiene™. The largest front load washer available.
The power of TrueSteam™ penetrates fabrics for optimal cleaning performance and also reduces allergens by more than 95% with LG’s exclusive Allergiene™ cycle.

Model : DLEX8377WM

The LG Electric SteamDryer™
The LG SteamDryer™ with TrueSteam™ Technology helps to reduce wrinkles and odors practically eliminating the need for ironing.

Only LG’s SteamDryer has exclusive features such as ReduceStatic™ which virtually eliminates static cling, and EasyIron™ which helps make ironing easier and more efficient.

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